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GCP ACE: nearline and coldline

On lesson 4.3, on the ‘Storage Products’ it makes reference to nearline and coldline. I don’t see those listed on the new Cheat Sheet. Have they being deprecated?

2 Answers

Nearline and Coldline are simply options when you create a bucket on Cloud Storage, they aren’t exactly independent services. They differ in terms of how frequently the data is accessed and are billed accordingly. I suppose that’s why they have been removed from the cheat sheet.

Glenn Orlando Pringle

Thanks Rajat!

Nearline and Coldline are Storage Classes within Google Cloud Storage (GCS). Nearline and Coldline provide cheaper storage, but higher operational charges.

  • Nearline is meant for data that is accessed only once per month or less.

  • Coldline is meant for data that is accessed only once per quarter or less.

Glenn Orlando Pringle

Thanks Justin!

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