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gcloud config get-value project displays project ID not project name

running "gcloud config get-value project" displays the random/unique projectID and not project name as in the video. Has GCP changed the command outputs?

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Ah! It’s very good that you’re watching for details to check your understanding. And thanks for joining in on our course forum.

In this case, the one small thing you missed is that my project named "Services Exploration Labs" (capitalized and with spaces) has a Project ID of "services-exploration-labs" (lowercase and with dashes), as displayed in the video. As I post this, this project is created at 0:55 in this lecture, and you can see both of these on the screen at the same time, there.  The docs do note that gcloud config get-value project should display the "Project ID of the Cloud Platform project to operate on by default."

In the general case, the console UI to create a new project will initially generate a random Project ID for you, but it usually updates it to something closer to your project name after you’ve typed something new for the name. And either way, you can decide to change the Project ID–but only before you create the project–by pressing the "Edit" button after the Project ID on the "New Project" screen.

I hope that helps!



Thanks. Indeed, this helps.

Mattias Andersson

Excellent! No problem!


Was about to ask the same question. Thanks

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