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gcloud compute instances add-tags teaser problem

This is less of a question than it is just a teaser problem.

Before I started watching this lesson I Looked over the provided bash script.

I was like cool but I wanted to try something a little bit different.

It other course acloudguru makes one of the easy ways and quite real world examples is setting up an apache server to serve some basic HTML.

I spent a lot of time splashing commands of gcloud cli to get what i wanted out of my instance creation and setting up the gcloud config

I settled with gcloud compute instances create –machine-type=f1-micro testvm

I waited for it to spin up and gcloud compute ssh testvm into the machine.

Now to run the basics

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install httpd

well woops turns out there is a lot of different versions debian has to offer

I went with nginx-full

installed and cd’d myway over to the var/www/html directory and catted out that file

Ok cool now to test my connection

I exited that vm and did a gcloud compute instances list to get the public IP

and expected I got nothing

I went over to the console to check the allow http and https tags to see they were unchecked

after some googling….its not 100% clear from the docs I found

back over to the cloud terminal

I applied gcloud compute instances add-tags testvm –tags http-server, https-server

refeshed my browser of the public IP

and done my nginx server is working as expected.

I am sure this gets covered off in a future lecture but I was curious and wanted to figure it out NOW.

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