Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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GCE challenge lab

Hi class. I am brand new to IT, computers, coding, web development, and everything. I am stuck on the command line script to create the VM with the startup script  How do I make this script available to the VM inside the project and user account? How do I view it (I know it is inside the gce-cloud-engineer folder in editor.

create project: cloud config set project Jane-gce-challenge-lab

questions: do projects have regions and zones?

link project to billing account: gcloud beta billing projects link Jane-gce-challenge-lab –billing-account=BillingAccountID

questions: how can I view what projects are linked to what billing accounts and why do projects not automatically link to the user account billing account?

make bucket: mb -l northamerica-northeast1 gs://jane-gce-challenge-lab-bucket

questions: how do I add labels to the bucket again? is the labels.json document available to add to the bucket on this project? again–how do I access the gce-cloud-engineer files in cloud shell?

enable services: this I copied from another post and don’t understand why the compute engine api is not already enabled but I typed in "cloud services enable" I guess this enables the virtual machine to create instances?

create instance: cloud compute instances create Jane-gce-challenge-lab-vm –zone=northamerica-northeast1 –machinetype=f1-micro –scopes storage:w logging:w monitoring:w – –metadata lab-logs-bucket=gs://jane-gce-challenge-lab-bucket

problems: I can’t remember the format for defining the scopes…and the file doesn’t exist apparently. 

Please help! What are the major concepts I am missing in order to succeed and get a job as GCE? How do I look up the commands that I need to create a solution? I feel like I cannot keep going in the course until I figure this out and If you are reading this I hope you can see that I don’t even know what question I need to be asking. 

what do I need to learn/know before continuing because I am very lost.

2 Answers

Really guys? Help a sister out. Now I’m stuck on the App Engine lab because I don’t know where to find the links to start out.

I’m learning to be an independent thinker but I’m new to this and need more help. Can one of my colleagues connect with me to work through some of this stuff? Are you there Matthias?


heyy jane! so sorry you were not able to get answers in time, I’m at this stage now and I have this same question. Did you eventually figure it out ?

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