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from where can I get the file for clone command?

I am unable to get the files by using get clone <>

Tuan LE

Which error did you encounter?

3 Answers


Just to make sure, are you using "get clone" or "git clone"? The correct command would be "git clone" with the URL to the github project or file at the end. 

If you are using "git clone" what is the exact error that you are getting so that we can assist you better?

if you use "git clone" for the lab files

The URL that Mattias uses is found in the Github repository. You can find it with the following steps:

  • Go back two lectures (Chapter 6.7: Explore Cloud Shell and Editor (Lab)).

  • Follow the ‘Course resources Github link’ found in the Resources section to the left of the page.

  • Click the big green ‘Code’ button to the middle right of the screen, and you will see the URL.

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