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For Chapter 6.6 unable to see linked projects

I have created a new user and given them the role of "Billing account user" within that I have created a new project "My User Project"

When logging in to billing-> account management it’s gives me the error stating "You do not have permission to see project information" and I cannot even see the project I have just created to manage billing. 

Has there been an update to change this?

Dan Makovec

I’m seeing the same. Also, as the user with "Billing Account User" role, I can go to the Billing page (My Billing Accounts tab) and see the billing account that I had originally set up. If I select the checkbox next to it, I can see all of the role/member combos for the account (odd, but OK). So I try to create a project and don’t get the option to select a billing account for it. If I create the project, then go to Billing -> My Projects tab, I can see the project with "billing is disabled". I click the kebab and select "Change billing" where I get a dropdown to set my billing account. But when I click "Set Account" I get "You have reached the limit of projects on which you can enable billing". Weird!

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