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Filter command not working as described in Chapter 7.5 GCE in and out

The way the video describes the command was throwing an error for me. I was able to work it out though, so only posting this if others have the issue.

[worst@symmetra-01 ~]$ gcloud compute machine-types list –filter="NAME=:f1-micro"

ERROR: (gcloud.compute.machine-types.list) Malformed operator [NAME HERE =:f1-micro].

[worst@symmetra-01 ~]$ gcloud compute machine-types list –filter="NAME=f1-micro"   <— Leave out the : to make it work


f1-micro europe-west1-b 1 0.60

f1-micro us-central1-a 1 0.60

1 Answers

The correct command syntax for this one anyway is:

gcloud compute machine-types list –filter="NAME=f1-micro"

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