Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Feedback: Google Associate Cloud Engineer Beta

I appeared for the beta exam couple of months back, however could not pass it.

The following are my experience from the exam:

1.Lot of questions were from IAM, the questions were mostly to make sure that we have a very strong IAM knowledge. Request you to prepare a good study material for us with case based scenarios.

2.Lot of questions were also related to autoscaling and loadbalancing.

3.Questions were also to test if we were compatible and proficient with both console and GUI. A good knowledge of cloudshell is expected.

4.Almost all questions started with a small business case

If someone has written the exam more recently, please do share your thoughts as well.


Thanks for the input Roy and sorry that you didn’t pass the beta. If I recall it was like 4 hours. Did it take you the entire time to complete it? Also, how did you prepare for the beta?

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I really appreciate that you wrote this up, Roy–and I’m sure many other people appreciate it, too. (Hopefully they will show their appreciation with some more upvotes. 🙂 ) I will definitely try to cover all of those areas as well as I can, as I continue to build out the course, and others would do well to make sure they have a solid handle on them before their own exams.

I have now included this post in the Exam Report Mega-Thread. 😀👍


Hey Mattias and other ACG, I’m looking forward to the courses around Google Certifications! Thank you Roy for sharing!

One thing I could really understand about the exam is that it really focuses on hands on experience, I had gone through the course materials 3-4 times and was pretty confident that I could take the test, but when I took the practice test, I failed . Then it was around this time that Mattias Anderson came to my campus, having met him, it gave me an additional inspiration for me to give it another try. One thing I understood was that I gave more lab hours. Doing was much better than reading about it. Just do it ! do more lab! explore more scenarios. Set up your own environment . Make full use of that trial account ! most importantly ..enjoy what you do ! do not do it like a chore . And yes I I did pass the exam with almost a month of lab and practice .

Mahmod Issa

Nice to hear that! Thanks for the tips

Overall, it was a fantastic exam. Majority of the questions were focused on Compute Engine with a fair amount of App Engine thrown in. One needs to study compute engine in depth e.g. MIGs and how to update different kinds of updates (Yes on VMs not K8s) and how to maintain certain number of VMs etc. There were a lot of App Engine Questions and I would strongly recommend either a) Use Linux Academy Sandbox and follow tutorials. Or if possible take a Qwiklabs Subscriptions and cover their Quests which were very helpful.Understanding of K8s is very important and Kodekloud is what I used along with Nigel Poulton’s videos on Acloudguru which were obviously phenomenal. IAM and associated roles for BigQuery, Security, Browser vs Viewer type of questions were there too. There were a few questions on Cloud Monitoring which I was not very sure of as there are not that many tutorials and GCP recently migrated from StackDriver as well. The resources I used were:

a) Acloudguru GCP Associate Course (via Udemy):

b) LinuxAcademy IAM and Security Course

c) Qwiklabs

d) Kodekloud (Kubernetes)

e) Cloud Advocate (Os-Login and App Engine) and AwesomeGCP YouTube channels

This thread is quite old, meanwhile I already passed the Associate GCE, please check for the latest responses and feedback

Mayur Jadhav

where can I find the latest response ?

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