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f1.micro in GKE cluster

Hello, I am creating a GKE cluster in my free account. I have noticed that f1.micro is not an available option for the worker nodes, smallest available is g1.micro which uses some credits. Also the you can personlize node setting to have 1vCPU and 1 GB RAM memory. Am I missing something?

David Dwyer

I found the same. g1.micro was the smallest available. The words in the GKE lesson did say this "may cost $$$" when he was walking through the setup.

2 Answers

The video was recorded in 2019, maybe f1 is not available anymore?

Tuan LE

It’s still there. It’s just not usable for a simple GKE cluster.

The machine type f1-micro does not have enough memory to use with a simple GKE cluster (only 0.6 GB). Apart from your application pods, you need sufficient resources for kube-system pods, which usually consume up to 0.4 vCPU and 400 MB of memory per node.

The docs does say:

Note: f1-micro machines are not supported, because they do not have sufficient memory to run GKE.

(You can read more at Cluster architecture.)

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