Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Exam Simulator question for GCP Associate Engineer

There is this question:

You have a GKE cluster that currently has six nodes but will soon run out of capacity. What should you do?

Nothing. GKE is always fully managed and will scale up by default.

In the GKE console, edit the cluster and specify the new desired size.

Run gcloud compute instances create anyname --gke

Clusters are immutable so simply create a new cluster for the larger workload.

Run gcloud compute instances create gke-7

Correct answer: In the GKE console, edit the cluster and specify the new desired size.

This confused me because the option is _GKE _Console.  It would make more sense to me if it said GCP Console.  Was this a mistake or is a user considered in the GKE console whenever it has to do with Kunbernetes despite being in the GCP console?

1 Answers

Ah… The GCP console has a few global things around the sides–like the project selector and Cloud Shell button–but you usually work in one of the product-specific "sub-consoles", if you will, that are within it.   And then most of those are further broken down into smaller subsections, etc.  So what I mean by "the GKE console" is really "the GKE (section of the GCP) console".   But I wouldn’t be surprised if this shorthand might also sometimes come up in Google’s documentation or exam, so I’m glad you’ve asked to clarify, Steve!  I hope this helps.


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