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Exam simulator question

I see this question:

You are thinking through all the things that happen when a Compute Engine instance starts up with a startup script that installs the Stackdriver agent and runs gsutil to retrieve a large amount of data from Cloud Storage. Of the following steps, which is the first one to happen?

The instance goes into the Running state

The service account is created

The gcloud command to start the instance completes

Space is reserved on a host machine

The answer is "The service account is created".  However, this makes no sense to me since a service account needs to exist before the instance is created and doesn’t actually create any instance.  I can’t find anything about instances creating SA’s.  Am I wrong here?

1 Answers

You’re right; I think I need to update this question.  Thanks for raising your concerns about it!  And good on you for really thinking this through! 👍

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