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Error listing gsutil ls

When i am trying to do gsutil ls with my user account and project associated to that account , it is providing me error stating that your root or admin account doesnt have storage.bucket.list access to that specific project ?

3 Answers

you need to provide read access for your user to the bucket.

this can be done from Admin account in the bucket permission menu

Hi Chirag, try the following to verify your user permissions

In your console you can navigate to:
1: Storage > Browser > click on any bucket in your list (likely something like storage-lab-$username) > under the bucket name click on Permissions. After you are on this page, scroll down to the bottom to see if your user is granted Storage Admin permissions.
To the right of the [Add members] button, view by Roles to see if you have a Storage Admin role created.

Where are you trying to run the command, Chirag?  From Cloud Shell or from an SSH session to an instance?  If it’s the latter, then you’ll also need to make sure that the scopes are set to allow that instance to access "Storage".



MA, Am also having the same problem. I created a bucket from shell. Everytime i try to execute CP or ls command on gstuil it keeps reporting 403 access denied error. Where as when i try to use the same commands in bucket created from console it works perfectly fine. only difference i could notice is the console one is US( Multi region) and CLI bucket is regional(Northeast 1). From permissions perspective both buckets have same level of access. Please let me know whats going on with the access. Thank you

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