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Error in Instance Group

I see below error in Instance Group:

It wasn’t create instances.

Instance 'my-managed-instance-group-704w' creation failed: The zone 'projects/challenge-lab-229820/zones/us-central1-f' does not have enough resources available to fulfill the request. '(resource type:pd-standard)'.

1 Answers

Hello!  Errors like this are good because they will almost always lead to more learning. 😁

It looks like you’ve somehow hit the pd-standard quota limit.  So if you go to the following page and select the project you’re using, what does it show?

For what it’s worth, my "us-central1" region "Persistent Disk Standard" quota seems to be very large: 2,048 GB (2.048 TB).

When you were doing the lab, did you go off-script anywhere?  It’s really just fine if you did, 😀 but you might want to retrace your steps to double-check that you don’t hit this error if you follow everything exactly. 😛 But who knows–maybe you will still hit the error, and that’ll be interesting, too! 🙂


Thanks for the detailed answer Mattias, I think I went with the script :P. But let me check again and try back. But yes errors are awesome!! Knowing AWS, I thought its a bug from GCP :P.

Mattias Andersson

😄👍 Let me know what you find.

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