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Edit instance in Instance group.

When I click on instance in the group I am unable to edit that instance to add a network tag. I get the following You can’t edit this VM instance because it’s managed by a group. "To edit this VM instance, first remove it from group frontend-ig"

Javier Rolando Correa

same here.

1 Answers

Yeah….same here. It appears that you cannot edit an individual instance within a managed instance group from within the web console. I used the CLI command "gcloud compute instances add-tags frontend-instance-group-p3l6 –tags=allow-ssh-tag" to add the tag to the instance. You may need to specify the zone attribute as well or just answer any zone related confirmations after executing the command in the CLI.

Rick McGee

Thank you so much.

Wagner Bianchi

Thanks, John. The Console won’t give you the EDIT option for an instance within a MIG. However, with the Cloud Shell, it works like a charm. However, I don’t know why, the SSH yet does not work as the connection is still blocked. I need to investigate it a little bit more. Instead, a created a new VM with the firewall rule tag, running with the same service account we were using for the lab and it worked.


@Wagner, check that the tag you set in the ‘–tags=…’ matches the tag name you gave it in the ssh firewall rule..

Hasibe Goculu

When I copied the name of my instance in the console, the zone attribute is added automatically with the correct value.. so that I didn’t need to do another copy paste.. I loved it! 🙂

Fadi Hafez

interestingly enough, even after the tag is added through gcloud, it still shows no network tags in the console for that instance! SSH does work though and it does show up in gcloud compute instances describe INSTANCE-NAME


The video show this can be done. I think the video is our of sync with product GCP

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