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Did not get error when clicking ‘Activate’ on trial account

The lab on creating a user account asks us to click ‘Upgrade’ (now appearing as ‘Activate’) when logged in as the USER account, and it should generate an error because the USER isn’t authorized to upgrade a trial account.  When I did this, (a) I did not get an error message, and (b) the ACTIVATE button still appears.  Did my account get upgraded to a paid account?  Why did I not get an error message?

Steve L Prescott

I may have an answer to my own question. In the right panel, I now see this error: "You don’t have permission to edit the permissions of the selected resource." So maybe GCP changed the UI from a popup banner (as in the video) to a more subtle error message on the right side?

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Hey, thanks so much for posting this, Steve!  I’m glad you’re thinking through what’s happening as you follow along and it’s really useful for me to know both about the UI change and about what trips you up as you go through my course.  I will try to get this updated–at least with a note, until I rerecord it all–so others won’t need to trip on the same thing.

Thanks, again!


Shruti Pallavi

Hi Mattias, I have faced similar issue.. I clicked on activate button, later realized that I unintentionally made my account as paid account. Later I created another gmail account but used the same credit card details. But new account is not usable as it says that some issue in billing. Is it because I have used the same credit card in both of my accounts ? Later I deleted my 1st cloud account (which I had activated as paid by mistake). Still after deleting the 1st account, my 2nd account is not working. Please help me to sort this out because I am unable to take lab courses now.

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