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Creation of bucket through CLI with new project

I wanted to create a Bucket in Cloud Storage in with the CLI and not the Console I created a project that was no problem with "gcloud projects create "…" ". I then set this project to the current working project in the CLI, but when I wanted to create a Bucket with Gsutil with "gsutil mb -l us-east1 gs://testlab-storage-bucket/" It gave me AccessDeniedException: 403 The project to be billed is associated with an absent billing account. have I done something wrong in creation of the project?


I don’t know that much with GCP but I think you will want to make sure that the project has a billing account associated with it, I might be wrong but this is what comes in my mind regarding your error.

1 Answers

The solution is, you need to list your billing accounts and link the project with an existing billing account, See more here: The solution is here:

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