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Creating BigQuery dataset

There is an option to select organization (parent organization) while creating BigQuery dataset. What is the use of that? Should we be using it?

1 Answers

Got the information from the link :

The Organization resource is the root node in the Google Cloud Platform resource hierarchy and is the hierarchical super node of projects.

Once you have created your G Suite or Cloud Identity account and associated it with a domain, your organization resource will be automatically created for you. The resource will be provisioned at different times depending on your account status:

If you are a first-time user that has created a new G Suite or Cloud Identity account, the organization resource will be created for you when you log in to the Google Cloud console and accept the Google Cloud terms and conditions.

If you are an existing G Suite or Cloud Identity user, the organization resource will be created for you when you create your first project or billing account. 

So this is similar to AWS organizations and can be used when multiple accounts belong to same organization . 

For lab purposes , it is not required  and dataset gets created without any issues.

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