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Create Bucket option not available

i do not find create bucket option when i login with my user account

2 Answers

Hello, Irvi.  We would be in a better position to help you if you gave us a bit more information about what you are seeing–things like any errors, messages–and what you’ve already tried to do to investigate the problem.  But in the absence of such more-specific information, I’m going to suggest you look into your billing account: My guess is that your project is not properly linked to your billing account.  Maybe you didn’t properly grant your user account access to that trial billing account, or maybe you hit your billing-linking quota (such as I talked about in this lecture that comes just before the one attached to this question).

I hope this leads you in the right direction.


Irvi Desai

Yes it is giving me billing error. "You can use cloud storage after you enable billing". Not sure what wrong i did, what do i have to do next to resolve this? do i create a new free trial account?

Mattias Andersson

You shouldn’t need to make a new billing account if you did already successfully create one. But do go back and check it with your admin account to make sure you set everything up properly by rewatching each lab. And while you’re at it, check how many projects are already linked to it and maybe unlink an unneeded one so you can link your new project.

I have the same issue, I created "Services Exploration Labs" project but when I go to storage I get the message  You can use Cloud Storage after you enable billing

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Enable Billing

I already saw the previous videos again but looks all is ok, so, don’t know what is going on?

Mattias Andersson

Hello Andres. I responded in the other place you posted this, too, but here it is again. 🙂 You have probably hit your billing account linking quota. Rewatch the "Milestone: Open World" lecture for some more tips on this: And if that doesn’t work, please post a new question describing your situation–instead of continuing this conversation via answers or comments on other questions.

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