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Create a bucket screen on console has changed re: “GCS: Google Cloud Storage (Lab)”


I feel like adding something about this video as the screen shown by Mattias Anderson on this lecture has changed a little bit, and more concepts were added. You will for sure see that and below is what has changed:

– Storage Location:

— Multi-regional: it shows all regions you can place a bucket on a country (us – multiple regions in the United States)

— Regional: it shows regions and you can choose one of them to lace the bucket

— Dual-region: Americas (Iowa and South Carolina) or Europe (Netherlands and Finland)

– Storage Class:

— Standard: best for short-term storage and frequently accessed data

— Nearline: best for backups and data accessed less than once a month

— Coldline: best for recovery and data accessed less than once a quarter

— Archive: best for long-term digital preservation of data accessed less than once a year

– Access Control:

— Fine-grained: specify access to individual objects by using object-level permissions (ACLs) in addition to your bucket-level permissions (IAM);

— Uniform: endures the uniform access to all objects in the bucket by using only bucket-level permissions (IAM). This option becomes permanent after 90 days.

So, it’s not just a screen rearrangement, I see more concepts related to the storage classes and storage location.

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