Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Course needs to be updated

The console view, terminology and the options changed at many places during the demos to follow along. Had to pause multiple times to figure out the new way.

Definitely not the place to start learning for an entry level GCP ACE exam with lack of new content. Had to stop the course in the middle to stop wasting time.

Another sad thing is, I have seen multiple questions in the same forum asking for course update but not found any response from the ACG team.

Sunil Jaiswal

I thought I was the only one having issue. but going through all these messages it seems A Cloud Guru team is deaf! I’m sorry Mathias you are very good instructor but if the content is outdated and you are not listening to all feedback then you are smart to know what I mean here.


They are still silent 2 years later, but willing to continue to take money from us

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