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copy between buckets

How can we make sure that the folder structure is also preserved when we copy between buckets?

The gsutil cp -r option doesn’t work.

1 Answers

Hmmm… I’m interested to know more about what you’re doing, because the -R option has definitely worked for me.  It copies recursively and preserves the hierarchy as it does so.

It’s a quick-and-dirty script, but you can run this in your Cloud Shell to make a test hierarchy of directories and files and upload it recursively to a bucket:


mkdir ~/hierarchy

cd ~/hierarchy/

mkdir 001

mkdir 002

mkdir 003

cd 001

mkdir a

mkdir b

mkdir c

cd a

touch aaa

echo Hello>bbb

echo Lalalalalalalalalalalalala>ccc

cp * ../b

cp * ../c

cd ..

cd ..

cp -R 001/* 002/

cp -R 001/* 003/

cd ..

gsutil cp -R ~/hierarchy gs://mytestbucket/
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