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Console not deleting VM with service account

So I’m following along with the console lab for creating VMs and when I get to deleting the VM via console it does it with the user account I am logged in with and not the service account that is referenced.  Is a problem?  Did google change the way this behavior works in the console or am I doing something wrong?  Also how important is this fact?  Does it really matter what account deletes the VM as long as you have a log of who did it?

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Hello Travis!  I would highly recommend that you debug into this situation, now.  Are you reeeeealy sure that you were performing this action from within the SSH session and not maybe from Cloud Shell, itself?  If you’re doing something wrong, then it’s less of an issue right now, but it could wind up blocking you completely when you get to later labs–such as the Custom-Mode VPC Challenge Lab where you will need to check connections between lots of different sets of instances.

As for how it gets logged, a key point I was trying to make is that the identity tracked for various actions relates to the credentials being used and not necessarily the human that is controlling them.

I hope this helps!


Travis Schlafke

That was it. You are right, I mixed up the SSH session vs the cloud shell session. I must have had an issue loading SSH session on my iPad and probably jumped into cloud shell not realizing the difference. Rewatched the video and got the expected output.

Mattias Andersson

Awesome! So glad to help!

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