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Coldline vs Nearline exam question

The question is this on the exam simulator:

You need to store thousands of 2TB objects for one month and it is very unlikely that you will need to retrieve any of them. Which of the following options would be the most cost-effective?

Nearline Cloud Storage bucket


Multi-Regional Cloud Storage bucket

Regional Cloud Storage bucket

Coldline Cloud Storage bucket

The answer is Nearline.  I don’t understand why it’s not coldline.  In the pricing calculator I enter in 20PB for nearline for Regional which costs $209,715.20 per 1 month.  Cold line for same cost is 83,886.08 per 1 month.  So for coldline, it’s a min of 90 days so let’s use this storage for 2 months = about $166K which is still less than Nearline storage for 1 month.  Am I missing something?

1 Answers

Hi Steve.  The small error in your calculation is that you’d need to pay for three months (90 days) of coldline storage (not two months) or just one month of nearline.  Coldline winds up being a bit more expensive.

Steve Plowman

Thanks for the response. I have another question related to Coldline vs Nearline. If I want to store files for at least 3 months, why would I ever want anything bsides Coldline snce its cheaper. Documentation says Coldline only if it’s accessed once a year. Why does that matter?

Steve Plowman

ah, I found it. Nearline retrieval is 1 cent per GB and Coldline is 5 cents per GB.

Mattias Andersson


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