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Cloud Shell boosted

In the settings menu of Cloud Shell, I’m unable to select "Cloud Shell boosted".  In the "Explore Cloud Shell and Editor (Lab)" Mattias says, ‘You might be able to enable Boost Mode’. What would allow/deny me from enabling the boosted Cloud Shell?

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Normally Cloud Shell machine is launched with an e2-small instance (docs here), and the boost mode will make it to e2-medium instance in 24 hours when you enable that feature. This depends on the availability of compute resource of GCP and subjected to usage limits.

However it could be the case that your Cloud Shell machine has been launched in a more powerful machine type, where boost mode is no longer applicable. For some times, I discovered that my Cloud Shell session has been launched in e2-standard which is more powerful than the shared-cores e2-small.

From your Cloud Shell session, type this command

curl metadata/computeMetadata/v1/instance/machine-type

and you will know which instance type that your Cloud Shell machine is based on. If it’s anything other than e2-small, boost mode is not applicable because the current instance type is already powerful enough.

Again this behavior depends on the availability of free compute resource of GCP in the region, or I can say in a funny way that it depends on "the generosity of GCP" :D, as you may not always see the same allocation of instance type when you launch Cloud Shell some when in the future.

Michael Buettner

thanks, that helped… I assume GCP changed the "boost-mode" to "default-mode"

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