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Cloud Digital Leader Training path?

Hello folks, is there a course setup for the Cloud Digital Leader foundational GCP cert?

Its been out for some time but I dont see anything here for that.


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I don’t know if ACG has anything in their pipeline for this certificate, already sent a content suggestion but having no idea if they get it.

I sat the exam and got this certificate just before the new year 2022. Sharing some tips here, which I hope they will be useful if you want to pursuit this certificate:

  • Use the official exam guide from Google Cloud as the baseline to follow: Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam

  • Google Cloud Training offers quite good training contents (video, text, even quizzes). Give it a try: Cloud Digital Leader learning path

  • While waiting for update from ACG, don’t forget to visit the official YouTube channel Google Cloud Tech, they have very good explanation videos made by Google Cloud team.

It can be easy but it can also be difficult, depends on your knowledge in cloud computing and Google Cloud. If you’re totally new, you should learn and research a lot, and don’t forget to check the official documentations of Google Cloud.

Notice that, the exam however will be updated on January 26th 2022 (yes, again, after coming out of beta), with a totally new syllabus in comparison with what it used to be. If you plan to start now, you should check and follow the new exam guide: Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam guide.

Jeff Messina

Awesome thank you for this information! I started doing more digging and found the Google class for free and started taking that, glad to hear that its good.

Jeff Messina

Appreciate the effort to respond and get me on the right track.

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