Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Cleared the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer exam, here’s my take on ACG course

My general consensus on the ACG course – it’s definitely NOT enough to pass the exam.

I used study guides from Udemy to really understand the different tools and components required in GCP ACE exam after I realized the course here isn’t useful in covering the depth.

Some of the tough questions that I faced during the exams were:
– VPCs (understanding VPC peering, network, interconnect) between Kubernetes clusters, GCE instances, and on-premises servers

  • IAM – understanding how to assign roles and permissions to service accounts + users to achieve least privileged access, and which roles to assign to which users/VMs to perform specific tasks e.g. Cloud Storage Upload

  • Deployments in App Engine – must understand how deployments are done, how to allocate split traffic between new and existing instances

  • GKE – resizing clusters, how to link GCR to Kubernetes deployments and types of networking (load balancer, ClusterIP, Node Port) in GKE

  • Cloud Logging – different types of logs like data access logs, admin activity logs, and when to use them

  • Organization vs Projects – what access do I need to create projects and projects’ resources for different teams/departments

  • Databases (very simple and straightforward) – only Spanner and Cloud SQL came out for me, a few occasional questions on BigQuery

  • Cloud Storage – how do you change bucket type e.g. from Standard to Nearline (rewrite)

This exam is definitely not easy, the questions are long and the answers are equally long (and confusing), so you need to be ready to filter answers as best as possible. Good luck!


Thanks Luqman. Can you share some other tips as well?

Luqman Tajuddin

Hey Anshumankmr, I think most of the questions revolved largely around the topics above, but I did find that I learnt a lot from the online GCP official documentation for e.g. App Engine Standard vs App Engine Flexible & GKE which were more in depth than the topics covered here. There were also no questions on IoT/Big Data/ML/Data Analytics, only two questions on Databases, and the rest were covered by the topics above. I think as long as you have a good foundation of the above topics like VPCs, IAM, Cloud Logging etc. you should be fine for the exam.

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