Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Cleared Google Cloud Engineer Associate exam yesterday

From my experience the exam was not broad and mostly focused on several services.

I would say that 70% of the questions were related to :

Gcloud commands

Gcloud deployment manager


Kubernetes questions and knowing them in depth would probably help you pass the test.

No questions were asked on Big data services nor ML. A few questions on Cloud storage or networking only.

I have left enough time for rewatching the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud engineer on A cloud Guru before the exam and that definitely helped me passed.

Thanks ACG, my third certs studying with you !




Were most of the gcloud command questions generic? Also, what about the IAM ones? …Thanks

Amit J

this is awesome, congratulations!

Brandon Bagley

Just finished and had the same experience. A majority of the questions focued on KDE specifically around order of operations, generic commands to kbectl, and node debugging. I also second the rest of the post where Gcloud commands seemed to focus on picking the correct command syntax, when to use gcloud vs gsutil (or more knowing which command does what). Most of the IAM questions really were asking if you should download keys or not, and should you use groups or not. THanks for the answer, this helped me study.

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Congratulations, legalph! Nicely done! 🎉🎊

And thank you for posting your story! I’m glad my courses were a valuable part of your journey to get certified. 🙂 Also, I’m sure others will appreciate your advice, so I’ve now linked to this from my exam report mega-thread.

#KeepBeingAwesome 😄👍

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