Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Cleared Google Associate Cloud Engineer and Google Professional Cloud Architect exams last week :)

Hey Hey .. hola acloud guru and friends of acloud guru.. as you can see i am estatic and why will i not.. 😉 .. i cleared few of the toughest exams out there phew.. 😉 ..

I cant thank enough, Mattias Andersson, you are my inspiration and I wouldn’t have done this without your guidance.

I will provide you guys more details of how to go about clearing those two exams but for now i will provide you two basic advice

  1. You need to have the right study material

  2. You cannot clear these exams by memorizing, you have to have to practice hands on and use google cloud platform as much as you can.

This is what I used to prepare for Google Cloud Engineer and this actually helped me prepare for Google Professional Cloud Architect:-

1. Acloud Guru – Introduction to Google Cloud Platform by Mattias Andersson – this is an excellent refresher, and I used it several times while preparing for Cloud Engineer and Cloud Architect

2. Acloud Guru – Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer by Mattias Andersson – make sure you follow every bit of advise given by Mattias, go through the last lecture where he provided a lot of useful trainings and materials – do that all

3. Coursera – there are excellent courses in coursera, I did all three specializations – Developing , Architecting and Data Engineering Specializations, and also did all hands on.. now you don’t need to do all of them, just follow what google recommends for the specific test.

4. Qwiklabs – I got myself a monthly subscription to learn the platform which I am still using

5. Udemy – Kasey Shah – Google Certified Cloud Engineer Associate Practice Exam – Different approach but great questions and explanations..

It took me close to 6 months to prepare for both the exams and that’s because I was working crazy hours in office but I did clear both these exams within 5 days in my winter break.

My Backgroud

I had no prior experience in GCP but I was an AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate before I started looking at GCP – this should not matter to clear Cloud Engineer or Professional Cloud architect exams

I do have other industry certificates from Microsoft as well with close to 14 years in IT.

Do shoot me any questions you have, and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Question to Anderson – how should i go about channelizing what i learned? Any word of advice




Congrats John! I’ve also read that the exams were more command-line (gcloud, gsutil, etc) focused than console-based. Would you agree?


Thats correct , most of the questions were on cl. I think you should know how to configure , deploy and work with kubernetes using command line , also make sure you understand how to work with yaml files and know basic operations


Thanks Anurag! Sorry too. I don’t know where I got "John" from.


Congrats John!

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Congrats Aonu!~ Im gonna take the Google Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

How did you feel the difficulty between the real exam and practice exam by ACG or Udemy – Kasey Shah?


Hey John.. i think udemy – kasey shah was relatively easy compared to actual exam .. and ACG one was somewht difficult than Kasey Shah .. i think actual exam was way difficult than both of them

First off, a big huge congratulations to you on your amazing achievement! 🎉👏  Each of these exams is challenging, in its own right–and it’s even more impressive that you cleared them both in the same week!  You are right to feel ecstatic! 😁

Also, thank you for sharing your story–including your background and how you studied.  I’m glad that you got good value from watching and rewatching my GCP courses. 😊  I am sure your story will inspire many others, so I’ve linked to this post from my exam report mega-thread.

Now, as for how to put this to best use, I think it will depend on your situation, but I think this is a very strong statement that you can not only work with GCP, but also that you can do so really effectively!  So you could either incorporate GCP into your current projects, if that makes sense for them, or take on new projects with GCP as their foundation.  But even if you don’t have an immediate opportunity to leverage GCP, you’ll still also benefit from the broader understanding of cloud systems.  For example, AWS has been furiously adding services to try to compete with the areas where GCP beats them (such as global networking), so now you can see some of the future of AWS! 😂

Congrats, again!


Congratulations Anurag!! and thanks for sharing your experience. I have completed coursera and now started Hopefully I will pass the exam and will write tips here. I have AWS SysOps and DevOps pro certs so far.

Congratulations..I need some more things to discuss as guidance…Please can you drop me any id/number in private.

Mattias Andersson

We don’t have private messaging on this forum system, but you can connect with me on LinkedIn if you have a private question you can’t ask on this forum. Cheers!

Congratulations Anurag..I need some more things to discuss as guidance…Please can you drop me any id/number in private, as I can’t see your linked-in I’d.

Congrats man!

I wanted to know something!

there is a rumor going on the internet that the architect exam is easier than the associate exam

is it true and if you can, can you please provide us a supposed path for the architect exam or maybe what distinguishing between them?


Mattias Andersson

Hey, there! My opinion is that the Associate exam (ACE) is easier than the Architect one (PCA) because its scope is much narrower. The architect exam requires a fairly strong understanding of all GCP services, and also rather solid understanding of architecture beyond Google stuff. That said, some people who never get hands-on with GCP may find that part of ACE more difficult than they expected, because ACE is definitely not a theory-only exam; it requires practical, hands-on understanding.

I am completely new to cloud in general. Are there any other technologies that helped supplement your learning? A programming language? Severless? Networking? Security?

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