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Chapter 8, ‘GCS & GCE challenge lab’ (first lab)

Chapter 8, ‘GCS & GCE challenge lab’ (first lab): please folks, I’ve created project, created bucket (uploaded script ‘’), created VM, set up monitoring and logging agents, so question — how make it work? 🙁

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I can very well understand Eduardo, it took me a while to figure out how to make it working (that’s the way to learn). Have a look at this link, you will find lot of hits and sequence of steps that needs to be followed to get this working.

Hope this helps. Happy Learning!!!

So one thing I noticed is that I re-ran thru all the steps in the UI at least 4 times because no file was dropping in the bucket. During each attempt, I gave it about 5 minutes, assumed I had done something incorrectly, deleted everything and started from scratch. 

On my 5th attempt, I completed the same steps I did prior, became very frustrated when no file was present in the bucket after 7 minutes, and let the instance run I worked on something else. When I came back about 30 minutes later and checked the logging, I found that the startup script actually took 27 minutes, 7 seconds to complete!!! I navigated to the bucket, and sure enough, a log file was present. 

This would have been extremely helpful if the video called out that the startup time could potentially take up to 45 minutes. Each time I refreshed the bucket and found no file, I thought I was doing something incorrectly. See if you can try following the steps and give it ~45 minutes to see if the log file propagates.

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