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CHAPTER 8.3 GCS & GCE Challenge Lab Demo,

In CHAPTER 8.3 GCS & GCE Challenge Lab Demo, from where I can get script file?

2 Answers

It’s right there under the Resources section, named Download Transcript.

Swapnil Hemant Bhole

Got it. But, I am asking about shell script that we need to copy in metadata. In this lecture, instructor copy shell script from shell or github to metada. I am looking for this script.

Tuan LE

My apology, I mistook the script with the link to download caption for video (don’t know why ACG want to put a link to download subtitle there). Please check out my other answer in the same thread.

My apology. I mistook it with the "Download Transcript" link (still don’t understand why ACG want to the transcript link there to download on every lesson, it’s not a resource for lesson).

You can find the mentioned script in the lesson 8.1 – GCS & GCE Challenge Lab, look for the line GCS & GCE Challenge Lab Startup Script.

I put the link here for convenient GCS & GCE Challenge Lab Startup Script

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