Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Changes to agent installl

The agent install script changed names and installs man-db as a dependency. This takes several minutes to create. Also, need to install fluentd as a separate command.

James McIntosh

I am guessing this is during the GCE lab … in Chapter 8 ..I concur as my stackdriver agent did not install either any chance we will get updated videos soon ?

1 Answers

Hi Mike, I did not get your question. Can you please share more details (lesson/chapter are you referring to)? I will try to help. Thanks!

Mike Sakahara

I could not get the StackDriver agent to install. Same for google-fluentd. Monitoring seems to work without them.

James McIntosh

Hi Mike its in Chapter 8. Would love to compare notes as I see you passed your Cert . Congratulations !

James McIntosh

This is @Lokesh btw …lol

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