Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Certifications/Exam in Argentina

Do you guys know where can I do the certifications in Argentina?

Google recommends using to check it, but honestly, I don’t trust in that site AT ALL!

Anyway, I used it and it says that I have to do the exam with a company called "EXO". I called them by phone and they told me that they don’t do any kind of Google exams :shrug:

2 Answers

Hello Broda,

Each cloud vendor has an approved subcontractor who deliver the exams.

In the course blueprint there is a link to Registering. This should lead you to a point where you can select

EXO Training Center

San Martín 510 (esq. Lavalle)

Buenos Aires

This is all I found in your area, unless you want to take a few days and go somewhere exotic to sit it.  I do see that Kryteron has a support services specifically for if you have difficulty finding a testing ctr.

Best of luck.



Rusty is right: Regardless of how bad the site might be, the Webassessor link is currently the only proper place to sign up for a Google Cloud certification exam, and that’s where you can see the list of testing centres that might be closest to you.  All the best!


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