Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Career growth for Cloudera Hadoop Administrator

I am a Cloudera Hadoop Administrator. how is the course will help me in my career growth. also, would like to know is there any service for Hadoop in GCP?

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Hello!  I’ll answer your second question first: Yes!  GCP has Cloud Dataproc, which Google describes as "A faster, easier, more cost-effective way to run Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop". 🙂

Now, for your first question: how might this course help you in your career growth.  Well, I don’t know much about your background, but I can confidently say that learning how to leverage your skills in a cloud environment like GCP will be very important for your career!  Fewer and fewer business are holding on to their old private-data-centre-mindsets–because there is so much better flexibility, efficiency, security, and capability offered by the cloud–so your future is in the cloud, if you want to stay in this business.

This GCP ACE course will teach you all the fundamentals of the Google Cloud Platform, regardless of whether you decide to sit Google’s Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam.  Although this course does not dive into Cloud Dataproc, specifically, it should put you in a position where you can understand and work with documentation like this guide for Migrating On-Premises Hadoop Infrastructure to GCP.  You’ll understand the critical ecosystem services like Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, and Stackdriver Logging; you’ll learn about configuring and controlling things with gcloud; you’ll see how security works in this world; etc.  And if you do wind up migrating your organization’s Hadoop processing to GCP, you could realistically get better performance at a lower cost through resource elasticity!

I hope you find this response helpful.  I wish you all the best on your journey!


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