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cant get logs into bucket

i am doing something wrong but not sure what. i cannot seem to see logs in bucket. help??

1 Answers

Hello, goders1! You have unintentionally set up for yourself an excellent learning opportunity! And since your post gives no details about what you’ve done or tried, I can’t know what the problem is and be tempted to spoil it for you. 😉

Now, if you try to fix this by just repeating the lab and being more careful to follow each step, then you may learn what you did wrong. But you can get much more value out of this than that!

If you go through the system you have in front of you and debug it based on the data flow, then you will practice what is arguably the most critical skill for a Cloud Engineer!

So carefully think through what should be happening at each step in the data flow–and refer back to the challenge lab data flow lecture, as you do–to figure out exactly what part of the data flow is not happening as it should. Use all the effects that should be visible, including logs in various places. Then think about what that data flow step requires, to work, and trace those things back to the settings and setups that affect them.

As you go through this process, feel free to post back here with some details and we will be happy to offer some specific guidance.

Good luck on your hunt! 😀


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