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can’t create a google account

I’ve tried to create a new Google account, and keep getting "Can’t create a Google account…try again later"

I’m only using letters, no special characters in my – but I still keep getting this error

2 Answers

Hi Kenneth.  Have you had a chance to try again later, like it suggested?  I’m not sure what else to go on.

Jim McDonnell

Mattias, as some feedback, A Cloud Guru should ask the company you are contracting to provide for if they will allow their students to create free trial accounts. I work for the same company as Ken, and I can confirm our company blocks this. We also can not use our company email to start a free trial because we are already hooked to an Organization with no Projects and without any administrative privileges. This means we can not do any hands on work from our work computers, which means we can’t do any training during lunch breaks or after hours at the office with others.

I had the same issue because the security team in my company detected the action and blocked it.

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