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Cannot convert in public a file uploaded to a bucket

Feels like a stupid question indeed 🙂 

I’m unable to add allUsers to a file permission set while editing a bucket. When I do so, system returns "Unknown user: allUsers"

I’ve verified the spelling, and followed up Google’s documentation about this ( but I’m not able to make it. I’ve also read about the different permission levels to control with granular permissions or bucket level ones, but it’s not the case here.

Any advice?

Tuan LE

What is the Access Control mode of your bucket? "Fine-grained" or "Uniform"?

Nicolas Orriach Legagneux

It was fine-grained

1 Answers

I found out that the way the ACG course describes it is no longer accurate.

Now instead of selecting the entity "User" you need to use the entity "Public" which by default includes the allUsers.

From CLI it can be done straightforward as well.

Kiril Zhelyazkov


Rodrigo Sandoval

Awesome, I came for the same!

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