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can we make git clone https://github command specific to a project rather than a user?

I saw "gcp-cloud-engineer" folder in both projects I created even though I ran the clone command from "My User Project". Can this not be made project specific?

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Ah, I’m glad you’re thinking about this.  The Cloud Shell storage is tied to you, as a person, and not to the project.  This can actually be really valuable for circumstances where you’re working with multiple projects (e.g. both Dev and QA projects), because you only have to configure Cloud Shell and whatever utility scripts you maintain once.  If it helps, you can think of Cloud Shell like your own little laptop in the cloud–one that you can easily access from anywhere. 😁

That said, if you wanted to, you could write your own scripts to switch between projects and make it work however you want.  But if you have project-specific things, it’s probably easiest to just make and use a directory for that project.  And if you have things you want to use for multiple projects (as we sometimes do in the course labs), then you could either make yourself some general directory or put them at the root of your home directly until you decide to reorganize. 🙂

Now, another thing you could consider, if you want project-level isolation, is that you could create yourself a GCE instance inside of each project and ssh to the one in whichever project you’re working on.  That way, everything will be kept separate and will be cleaned up (or "lost", depending on your perspective) when you shut down that project.  A drawback is that there could be a bit more cost, if the instance is not free tier.

I hope this helps!


Nagarajan R

Excellent Response Mattias. its a great feeling when you know your questions are getting answered. These type of responses can only come from true experts !!!

Mattias Andersson


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