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Can u associate an instance with a bucket after the instance has been created.

Can u associate an instance with a bucket after the instance has been created. For the challenge lab, i had created the instance first and then the bucket. But when i tried to associate the bucket with that instance later on, it did not seem to work.

2 Answers

I’m not sure what you mean by "associate an instance with a bucket".  An instance can access any bucket with the appropriate permissions set. 


The lab uses a startup script to write a file to a bucket. You could run the script manually on the instance if it was not included in the instance startup. However, the goal of the lab to complete the required tasks without logging into the instance.

Hello, Aruna.  Like Ben, I’m also not entirely sure I know what you mean by "associate", but if I assume that you are talking about putting the bucket’s gs://bucketname address into the instance metadata, then I would encourage you to spend some time thinking through the data flow.  What actually happens when you enter that metadata?  How and when does it get used?  If your instance has already been running for a while, how could you cause it to use the new metadata you’ve entered?  And after you’ve spent a good while thinking about this on your own, I encourage you to rewatch this Challenge Lab Data Flow lecture.  Which of the things you thought were happening are correct, and in which orders?  Make sure you have a solid handle on how the data flows through this system and how you could control that.

I hope this helps!


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