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Can not create project without specifying the location

I am getting this in  Set Up Billing Export (Lab)

2 Answers

Hello! Is the account you’re using a part of an Organization–for example something that might have G Suite set up for it–or is it a plain GMail (i.e. account like I walk you through setting up in the account setup lab? The reason I ask is because an account that is a member of an Organization will create projects differently and may be subject to various restrictions.

If you are using a simple GMail account, then what is the first thing different on your screen from what you see on my screen in this Billing Export lab video?

Oh, actually, what you’re seeing might be due to this issue with the GCP Console.  Please retry what you’re doing when that issue has been resolved.  Thanks!


Hi Mattias, Thanks for your prompt response. The isisue is now resolved. I guess it was either or I had GCP open with my gmail account which might have conflicted with my admin account in GCP opened in incognito mode.

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