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Can anyone explain, why are we specifying labels while creating Billing account?

It is explained to specify label while creating dataset but why do we need to specify label. Is it for any future reference?

any reason for specifying label?

1 Answers

Glad you asked. 🙂  The reason we did this here is because it was just a good opportunity for you to become familiar with how labels work.  As for labels themselves, they are particularly helpful for filtering and grouping the charges you get in your billing export, so you can understand how your money is being spent.  For example, labels can let you see how much money you’re spending on your production environment versus your staging environment versus your development environments.  And understanding your costs is the first step towards controlling them.

You can read more about labels at this helpful link.  Hope this helps.


prat cloudian

I thought it was mainly for search convenience as the labels will create keywords that will help you locate things quickly according to their purpose. But it wouldn’t surprise me Google added extra features to the concept of labels !

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