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budget creation – lab

When I am trying to create a budget, it is not showing me the billing account. It is showing me only the project names in the drop-down. Shall I go ahead with selecting the project name ?

1 Answers

The interface has changed a bit since the video was recorded. If you notice, on the left-hand side of Create Budget button is a drop-down menu of all Billing Accounts that you have. So if you have more than one Billing Accounts, first select the desired account via this menu then click on Create Budget button, after that you can select the projects associated with this billing account. Else if you only have one, then it has already been selected by default :).

Shruti Pallavi

Thanks Tuan for confirming.


Thanks Tuan, since google has created a project for us upon creation of the account, should I assume that I should be selecting the Admin Project, while creating the budget plan?

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