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Breaking Down the Solution Video

So watching the solution video …. left me with no working solution.

Only more confused.

Your requirements stated in the original lab requirements are different from what is shown with the "extra" machines

Which with the diagram only adds to the complexity.  Now here is the kicker I ALREADY do some of this work on the Azure side of things and I AM CONFUSED with the "solution" video.  Nor do I feel confident I can fix the mess that I have created.

Honestly, I feel like this section could use some work.  You never explained how google manages these things in the "lecture" videos, but then somehow expect us to interpolate how to get from point A to point D.

Sohail Bhamani

I would agree with this. What is the point of complicating the solution video with "Extra Instances" that are not part of any requirement? If you want to handle extra instances, then make it a part of the actual lab.

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