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Boost mode not showing in the Cloud shell

I do not see boost mode in the on the options in cloud shell. Has it been removed from GCP now?

2 Answers

Yes Sandeep, this does not seem to be an option for almost an year now. There was an option to enable boost mode via gcloud command (alpha version), seems to have been undocumented now…

Initially, Cloud Shell VM was provisioned with a low SKU, and there was the option "Boost Mode" to temporary switch to a higher SKU for faster performance.

However, I saw that GCP have upgraded their Cloud Shell VM SKU to a powerful one by default. Currently I observe it’s an e2-standard-4. This started to happen during the last half of 2020 I think. This new SKU is more powerful than the one used back in 2019 and before.

So it looks like that GCP had got rid of this "Boost Mode" as there’s no more the mention of this feature in the documentation of Cloud Shell (see How Cloud Shell works).

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