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Billing – “Failed to load”

After creating the New project and big query setting as per video, when i go to Billing section i am, getting error "Failed to load"

4 Answers

Hello, and welcome to our forums, Bhagyesh!

Are you logged onto the administrative account in an incognito web browser window? It’s easy for GCP to try to use the wrong Google account if you do things in a normal browser window, and that might show up the way you’ve described. It might be worth completely restarting your browser–to ensure that no incognito windows in the background are logged into any other Google account–and then logging in from scratch to your administrator account in an incognito window.

Please let me know what happens when you do this. Thanks.


Hello… Did you get this sorted, Bhagyesh?  I haven’t heard back from you.

Failed to Load is a very common error in GCP, I use ctrl + F5 or use incognito as Mattias mentioned above.

I have faced the same issue. But I found after you first time signed into gcp, you need to activate your free trial. And after you did that, you could check your bill.

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