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Billing Export to Big Query

Hey Guys, Hope you all are doing well and keeping safe. My question is, i have completed this lab on my personal account to setup the Billing Export to BigQuery and i just would like to know if i keep this billing resource active for longer time is there any charge to me ? thanks and appreciate your response!

1 Answers

Based on this link it states:

  • Loading data into the designated dataset is free; this action takes advantage of BigQuery’s pool of shared resources to load data in batches.
    – When exporting and analyzing Cloud Billing data with BigQuery, the associated cost will depend on the amount of data you stream, store, and query.

So I believe that storing the data to BigQuery is free but retrieving/exporting it incurs a cost. But if I am correct the information we are going to retrieve when doing this course will not surpass the free tier.

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