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Billing Account owner can now view all project names not just the number of them

So at the end of "Set Up Non-Admin User Access (Lab)" lecture when we created the additional billing user account, went in and created a project and then went back to the account of the billing account owner we weren’t able to see the new project created by the other user, just the number of projects linked to this billing account. It seems Google has recently changed this because I was able to view all project names including the one not owned by my master billing user right in the billing overview dashboard. seems a bit broken though, because although I can see the additional project that I do not own, when I click on its name to view a detailed billing dashboard of its costs I can only see the two projects that I own and not that additional one!



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Hello!  I have sometimes seen a few oddities with this area in the console, and I’ve wondered whether some of it might have been due to me logging out and logging in again as another user instead of completely closing down my incognito session and starting it afresh.  I think the console web app has problems dealing with more than one Google account.  Do you still see the same thing if you start a session completely from scratch?  Or maybe they have made a change, here?


I’m using Chrome profiles to do this, because I deal with this problems alot in AWS console as well, so I keep a separate profile for everything so one profile per each google account.


I saw the same behavior. I was able to see the user project from the admin account as well

Yes, i am seeing user project from admin account. I think this is expected behaviour.

This is intended behavior.

When you go to Navigation Bar – Billing – Account Management, you will notice the Billing Account listed in the dropdown menu, which in our case for this course is "My Trial Billing Account". When you add a member, you are linking that member to the selected billing account. When you create a new project under the new member, the project creator is the owner of the project not of the billing account and does not have the correct IAM roles to view all projects, just the ones they created. Where as the Billing Administrator , who is the owner of the billing account, does have the permissions to list all projects linked to the billing account as projects are resources that are linked to that specific account.

Hope this makes sense.

I can see User project name in Admin account.

Another thing, in User account when I click on Activate button –> Upgrade button it is not showing me any permission error.

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