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Billing Account

By login to Admin account, I can see all the projects created by user account – I can even disable the billing, if you click on Billing Account, you can see all the projects:

Projects linked to this billing account

Project name Project ID

My First Project light-moon-201504

My User Project my-user-project-201506

Admin Project admin-project-291505

1 Answers

Hello Sagar,

Something isn’t right with your setup as even being an Admin; you "theoretically" cannot see projects created by the Non-Admin users.

Let’s see…

I cannot share a screenshot of my setup, but, let’s go to the command line:

#: My Admin user projects  
wagnerbianchijr@cloudshell:~ (omega-presence-234823)$ gcloud projects list  
PROJECT_ID             NAME                   PROJECT_NUMBER  
acloudguruproject      acloudguruproject      223782462435  
omega-presence-234823  My Very First Project  523600421491

#: My Non-Admin User projects  
pimballeke@cloudshell:~ (gke-new-project)$ gcloud projects list  
gke-new-project  gke-new-project  878756970870

As my Admin account projects are linked to the My Trial Billing Account, I can see that Non-Admin users have projects as they are working with projects being linked to only one billing account also, but a different one I created:

Billing account name     Billing account ID    Status  # of projects  
Dev Billing Account   01D2F8-D16BA1-9F9655  Active  0  
My Trial Billing Account  01A3FB-AB3DD1-09B7FE  Active  2  
Prod Billing Account      01A479-52439D-4E776D  Active  1

Indeed, I can’t see them on the Console, BUT, I can list the Non-Admin users’ projects linked to billing accounts and get the names of their projects as below:

wagnerbianchijr@cloudshell:~ (omega-presence-234823)$ gcloud alpha billing accounts list  
ACCOUNT_ID            NAME                      OPEN  MASTER_ACCOUNT_ID  
01A3FB-AB3DD1-09B7FE  My Trial Billing Account  True  
01A479-52439D-4E776D  Prod Billing Account      True  
01D2F8-D16BA1-9F9655  Dev Billing Account       True

wagnerbianchijr@cloudshell:~ (omega-presence-234823)$ gcloud alpha billing accounts projects list --billing-account=01A479-52439D-4E776D  
gke-new-project  01A479-52439D-4E776D  True

Somewhat using beta commands, right or wrong, I am also listing Non-Admin users projects. Trying to set the project to use the Non-Admin user project being an Admin user:

wagnerbianchijr@cloudshell:~ (omega-presence-234823)$ gcloud config set project gke-new-project  
Updated property [core/project].  
WARNING: You do not appear to have access to project [gke-new-project] or it does not exist.

Does it seem the end of the line? Comments? Anything else we can do to explore it a little bit more?


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