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Billing acc visibility as user

When I logged in with the user account I can see the Trial Billing Account ? I did the config as you did .

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Hello, Anusha, and welcome to our forums!

If you’re seeing information that looks like it’s "bleeding" over from one account to another, one thing to try is to completely close down your browser and log into just the one (in this case User) account in a new Incognito window.  That should make sure that the GCP console is not confused about what info should be visible to which account (which can sometimes happen when switching accounts).

But another thing is that the user account should be able to see just a little info about the Trial Billing Account.  In particular, it should be able to see that the billing account exists–like its name and account ID–and that it is available to be linked to projects.

Please let me know whether this answers your question.  Thanks!


Ram Chaitanya Gobburu

I closed the browser and reopened the GCP, and logged in as user i see , My Trial Account and also I see My First Project( which was created in Admin account) along with My User Project

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