Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Big Query Beta

It seems that clicking onto Big Query, we are being prompted to a beta version of Big Query. Only when we click onto Classic UI, it directs to the screenshot that is shown in your slides

Brian Schoepfle

I’m at Google Cloud Next right now and they are announcing a ton of features moving into Beta and GA this week.

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Hi, Roy. Like Brian said in a comment, Google is currently running Cloud Next and releasing tons of new features and services.  (You can watch this blog and this blog for all the announcements.)  The great thing about that is that we get improvements like this (much better to have it integrated!! 😃) but I will have to record lots of course updates when I get back home!

And thanks for asking about the difference, as I’m sure it will help others who are going through this lab right now. 👍

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