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Auto completion

Why am I unable to use the TAB button "Autocompletion " in gsutil ? 

It works with cloud shell overall except gsutil.

Does anybody know `?

1 Answers

Actually I had the same issue with autocompletion after a few updates of Google SDK. At the moment when I write this, gsutil is at version 4.51 (same on Cloud Shell) and seems like the autocompletion doesn’t work anymore, both on Cloud Shell and on my PC with Google SDK installed.

Lead Modernisation Two

same issue

Alejandro Cabral


Suhas Avinash Thonge

Auto completion is still not working

Tuomas Hakala


Andrius Marcinkevicius

based on readings from 2016 up until 2019 and now (i guess) this problem seems persist over and over again. Folks in google fixing this with every new version release, but it’s being broken shortly after that. So if they fix it new new release, it’s likely be broken again in short period of time. So dont rely on gsutils tab completion


Same issue

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